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Humanity and the Book of Universe

hizmet-hareketiMan/woman is both the seed and fruit of the universe. I mean that just as fruit is the last piece of the thing that bears it, human beings are the fruits of universe since it was the last thing to be created in the universe. In this sense if we think of existence as a tree, humanity is the fruit of it.  It is in a way why universe was created in the first place.

When we commence planning for doing something, we first think of the end result we would want to have.  For example when we want to write an article we first think about why we want to write.  That reason will shape our writing. The letters in the article will not get together randomly somehow to create body of the text.  On the contrary, we arrange letters and words based on the meaning we want to create. Similarly this universe exhibits a meaning. Every thing is part of an order like components of a machine. Every being is like a word in a poem or a book. Together they create the symphony of existence. If you think about it, what materialists or atheists saying about the universe does not make any sense. How can these letters can together by their selves to create this articulate letter, this inspirational music, this meaningful book that we call universe? Only a fool would believe this. Yet there are many learned people who fool their selves into thinking that material is eternal or it evolved as a result of a big bang. None of them can convince us that a meaningless bang can create something that is well planned, well thought, and well executed. No bang can create art. No bang can create music. Just because we do not see who is writing these letters does not mean there is not someone writing it. The scope of eye is so much limited. The scope of our equipment has a limit. Then how come someone can claim that the greatest musician, the greatest artist, and the greatest scholar that created this universe does not exist just because their blind eyes cannot see him. What despicable arrogance !

Humanity is the ultimate meaning of the book that we call universe. As Fethullah Gulen puts it

Humans, the greatest mirror of the names, attributes and deeds of God, are a shining mirror, a marvelous fruit of life, a source for the whole universe, a sea that appears to be a tiny drop, a sun formed as a humble seed, a great melody in spite of their insignificant physical positions, and the source for existence all contained within a small body. Humans carry a holy secret that makes them equal to the entire universe with all their wealth of character; a wealth that can be developed to excellence.[1] 

Hence God will not leave humanity by itself. He will not let his most important creation go astray in the deserts of existence. He will make it clear what He wants from us, why He created us and how we can relate to Him. That is why prophets and the holy books were sent to guide humanity.

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