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Holistic Instructional Leadership In Gulen Schools


The instructional leadership in Gulen schools demonstrates such holistic landscape that  the administrators not only do they strive to contribute intellectual capital but also the social capital of all students regardless of their gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background. The school ...

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Ignorance – The Destructive Disaster of Humanity


In contemporary world humanity is dealing with many problems such as hunger, diseases, oppression, human right violations, radicalism, terrorism, poverty, domestic abuse, human trafficking, environmental issues, social isolation, various security concerns, etc.  Authorities, community leaders and activists are trying to ...

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Scholar and Worshipper


To emphasize the importance of knowledge (or ilm) Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says “The superiority of the Alim (learned) over the Abid (devout worshipper) is like my superiority over the most inferior amongst you”[1].  This is just one of his sayings ...

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