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Make no excuses!

The Honorable Fethullah Gulen issued a very important statement on the Kurdish problem and human rights in Turkey. He said human rights were “bestowed upon the humankind by God” thus making it impossible to impose any kind of restrictions by other humans and/or governments. The Kurdish issue must be considered within the scope of this principle. Fethullah Gulen said the private schools can start giving instructions in Kurdish and as more and more teachers who have a strong command of the Kurdish language emerge, this could be applied to a broader range of schools nationwide. What Gulen said for the right to get education in Kurdish is a very advanced democracy move. As he makes this move, Gulen also stresses the importance and value of Turkish. The Turkish language is Turkey’s reality…

Many Kurdish politicians including BDP deputies supported Gulen’s liberal approach to bilingual education in Turkey. The democratic expectations of Kurdish people are reflected in the support expressed by Kurdish BDP deputies Sirri Sakik, Esad Canan and the AK Party deputy Galip Ensarioglu’s praising words for Gulen’s initiative. There is another side of the medallion; Terrorist PKK’s media outlets constantly target the Hizmet Movement and run a defamation campaign. According to their false reports the Gulen Movement prevents the “peace process” as if it works like a clock. The terrorist group’s mouth piece employ every known slander and deception method against the “cemaat.”


Unfortunately, there are delays in the government’s peace process plan. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said “only 15 percent of PKK militants withdrew” from the Turkish soil during a meeting he held with the Wise People Group he especially commissioned for the peace process. Milliyet columnist Fikret Bila says “there is not even the W of withdrawal” citing his sources in the government. Moreover, there are reports in the media suggesting that the National Security Council’s latest report says there is no withdrawal. Aside from these reports, terrorists fire at military helicopters, a military outpost is being attacked, they set fire to construction sites, PKK militants kidnap soldiers in broad daylight and they establish a security unit for policing roadways in Turkey.

We hope that the peace process is not aborted and cause disappointment. But everyone should know that if there is no success the responsible party is obvious. Those, who cannot exist without war, accuse Fethullah Gulen, who at the outset said that “there is goodness in peace,” of breaking the peace process. That could only mean one of two things; it is either the hopeless struggles of the PKK or the plan B of an evil body that is trying to escape blames from the public in case of failure by bad-mouthing innocent people and groups. Those who make promises to Turkish people should come through. People are watching and won’t forgive groups that ambush peace.


Translated from Turkish by f-g.org staff

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