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AKP’s Strategy – Appoint Trustee and Take Over the Businesses

Turkish police raid Zaman HQs, fire tear gas on readers after gov’t takeoverTurkish government continues to apply pressure on media and businesses this time by take over the Feza Media Group. Feza Media group consist of a number of influential media outlets and new agencies broadcasting and publishing in Turkish and English. Among them there are companies such as the most circulated Turkey’s newspaper Zaman (in Turkish), as well as the Today’s Zaman daily (in English) and the Cihan news agency. AKP government is known for its heavy-handed policies regarding businesses, interest group, civil society organizations that are not willing to submit to AKP’s political views or criticize AKP’s antidemocratic or even unconstitutional policies. Hizmet Movement, or Gulen Movement is one of groups targeted by AKP. AKP having direct and indirect control over many judges and prosecutors forces them to punish anybody who criticizes their misuse of political power. The İstanbul 6th Criminal Court has appointed trustees to take over the management of the Feza Media Group, which known for its affiliation to Gulen movement. “As of today, the Constitution has been suspended,” said Today’s Zaman Editor-in-Chief Ms. Akarcesme, “Today, we are experiencing a shameful day for media freedom in Turkey. Our media institutions are being seized.”