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Singers spoke about Fethullah Gulen

Rise UpThe new song album Peace, which comprises of Fethullah Gulen’s poems composed by an international group of artists and composers, receives worldwide attention.

Non-Turkish speaking artists who contributed to the album found Fethullah Gulen’s work as “romantic and very impressive.” They also stressed that such global works would greatly contribute to the world peace. In an interview with Cihan News Agency, world famous singer Natacha Atlas said that she picked the most romantic poem from Gulen’s works to perform. Popular Ukrainian singer Bakharev described Gulen as a “romantic, wise man” and said “I was touched by all of his poems.” Bahroma also translated some of the poems to Ukrainian “as much as he could,”

German singer Chris Buseck sings the title track “Rise up – Kalk yigidim.” Buseck told Cihan that he couldn’t refuse a project that promoted living together and that Gulen’s ideas should be spread.  Italian Ely Bruno chose Rain Melody for the album because “he found it fascinating.”

Singers received 50 of Fethullah ‘s poems that were translated into English for this album, which is a shared production of Universal Music and Nil Production.

Roman Bakharev: Gulen delivers light to people; the world needs to be rejuvenated

The Vocalist of the Ukrainian rock group Bakharev said “I didn’t know Fethullah Gulen when I was approached for this project. I did some research and read his biography; that way we met, even though from far away.  My research led me to see that Gulen is a person who delivers light to people. He has very good and enlightening ideas. We call him the romantic wise man.”

Bakhareve said he was very glad to take part in this project and they were ready to accept similar offers with pleasure. After drawing attention to the need for rejuvenation in the world, Bakharev said “Like Gulen we long for enlightenment. Everything starts with the individual. It is time that the evil mind changed. People needs to feed on goodness, and keep busy with good ideas.”

Bakharev said that none of the Bahroma members visited Turkey and he imagined himself swimming across the Black Sea to go to Turkey as a child. He wonders how Istanbul is and doesn’t want to see the beach but the life in the cities, fabric of cities and the historic places.


Belgian singer Natacha Atlas said that she supported the project for peace and brotherhood. Atlas narrowed down her choices to 10-15 poems from the 50 she was given. She described her process saying that she leaned towards the one that was the most romantic for her. The poem “Continuous Beauty” had a spiritual nature. It was like a personal love for someone, and describing one’s very personal relationship with God.

Natacha Atlas finds these kinds of subjects intriguing and she found out more about Fethullah Gulen after the project started: “I heard there were many rumors about Gulen, and his books as well as ideas are being discussed all the time. What’s important for me is what he is doing for dialogue. Spiritual leaders or people related to religion have always been the focus of controversy and criticism. Bu I have good feelings about him.”

Atlas hopes that the album will further develop the dialogue and she has faith that 12 people who come from different backgrounds will succeed in doing so.

German artist Buseck: Values defended by Gulen are important

Buseck, who continues to perform within the framework of his Good Morning Diary project in Hamburg, started his research on Fethullah Gulen upon Nil Production’s offer. He says “if I was to participate in such a project, I had to know about it’s purpose. I read some articles about Gulen; I tried to find out about his philosophy and what he was promoting. Otherwise it would be strange to dive into this project without knowing what it was.”

Buseck went on to say that he realized the project was promoting education, living in harmony and mutual respect for everyone regardless of their religion, language or culture. He said “if this is the message, I would be happy to support it with my music, I couldn’t refuse that. Of course, this is a message that should be spread.”

Buseck chose the poem titled Rise Up to sing on the album. According to famous singer, the first reason for his decision was the title. He likes the word ���rise,” and used the word in some of his songs. German artist had a difficult time to compose a piece that wasn’t written as a song. “But,” he says “ I had fun working with the album crew and was touched by the poems theme.”

Chris Buseck is not a melancholic but he believes in the importance of melancholy in music. The poem he chose is full of melancholy and it reflects the general theme of the project. Buseck summarizes the poem’s message by saying “You might be heart broken and sad. You pray in whatever form.”

Buseck ended the interview by wishing “he could support the same ideas with his music in the future as well.”


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