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A Life Dedicated to Peace

fethullah-gulen-and-gulen-movementEveryone is on board with having world peace. There are only a few people who would benefit from conflict. How do we achieve it ? There are people whose name is associated with peace like Nelson Mandela. Fethullah Gulen should be such a name, no matter how he shies away from the recognition of his person.

Fethullah Gulen has been around since late 1960s when he started as a young preacher. He could have stuck with the official agenda and make a living. After all it is in one’s self interest to avoid trouble. He did not. He chose the difficulties of dedicating one’s self to the humanity over comfort. Without going into detail a closer look at his work reveals an amazing life. The schools, relief organizations, hospitals, dialogue centers and media organizations all attributed to his philosophy: creating a peaceful society that lets people realize their full potential. Although is a person of faith and a scholar of Islamic knowledge, his social service oriented work is not religious. He is not known for opening more mosques or advocating conversion of non-Muslims. On the contrary he is an advocate of interfaith dialogue. He is compared to Rumi, who also embraced the world centuries ago. There are many non-Muslim leaders such as Greek Patriarch Bartholomew who express their love for Fethullah Gulen and his work. Clearly, his faith is an inspiration for his love of humanity and hence the desire to serve but his ultimate goal is just that: serving humanity with no expectations-material or non-material.

Questions about Fethullah Gulen

Unfortunately, not everyone understands Fethullah Gulen or the motivating force behind is energy. Like many before him his life and work will be appreciated more after his passing away. Proving yourself takes time. Building a legacy is not easy. People will test you if you make claims in the social sphere. Fethullah Gulen has been around more than forty years. Schools that operate in harsh environments have been tested many times about their goals and success. People that followed his message and went out to the world to serve were also subjected to the crucible. What are your intentions? Why are you in this country? Why would foreigners come to serve? Do you want to change our society, government or way of life? Answering these questions and building a legacy takes one’s life. Patience and hard work are the only keys for this.

As he nears the age of 80, stricken with many illnesses, he continues service despite all the negativity that is against him. In his native Turkey a corrupt government is going after him since he raised his voice against corruption and oppression. It is the duty of every sensible citizen of the world to come to the aid of Fethullah Gulen, who is only concern is the peace and well-being of all humanity. Fethullah Gulen