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Maybe In Heavens

mehmet-akif-ersoyFamous Turkish poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy wrote the following about the current affairs of Muslims more than a hundred years ago:

Forget Islam, we have lost humanity….

It is no use; we cannot fool anyone like this!

All the real Muslims I have seen were in graves

I am not sure but it seems Islam is in heavens

Is this not the case today ? Aren’t we afraid that Islam does not have a good image in non-Muslim minds ? Muslims are killing each other in Muslim holy lands under the name of some sect to disguise political and social reasons. Some Muslims aare raiding others mosques and killing people without any hesitation. In many Muslim societies of the Middle East, humanity has no value. All sorts of terrible acts are committed against Muslims or non-Muslims in the name of religion. Hence the desperation of Mehmet Akif Ersoy continues even in our day. Nevertheless, amidst all this nonsense about Islam, voices like Fethullah Gulen represent the face of Islam as it is lived by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. Fethullah Gulen constantly emphasizes peace, love and tolerance.

The word Islam has its roots in the word peace. Islam means safety and security. It means loving humanity for the sake of its creator who endowed humans with the utmost potential. The life of Prophet Muhammad is full of these examples that are sometimes overlooked. Fethullah Gulen tells us that Muhammad (peace be upon him) would not allow people to speak of ill of his enemies. Even in battles that he had to fight he would pray for his enemies and would forgive them if had a chance. When he conquered Mecca, he avoided battles and declared that people would be safe as long as they did not fight. When he asked the Meccans what they thought he would do to them they answered that he was a noble man son of a noble man. He did what a noble man would do and did not harm them.  Is this what we think of Muslims today ? Probably not if we consider the senseless acts of killings in Muslim lands. When an act of terrorism occurs, we make claims that this is not what Islam is about or how the majority of the Muslims behave. True. However, Muslim societies do  not seem capable  of suppressing this kind of behavior even if they do not condone it. The reason is that Islam’s main principles of justice, unity and respect for truth, humanity and life are not as important as before in our societies. This can only change with education, by alleviating poverty and engaging in dialogue. That is why Fethullah Gulen movement offers a hope for Islam and humanity.