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Voluntary Mobilization in the Muslim World

Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveIslam, like many other religions, teaches its followers to do good and avoid evil. It also encourages not be selfish and take care of fellow human beings. Not just the good of fellow Muslims but the whole humanity is in the focus of this. In the second Surah Allah says:

And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you (2:148)

In the same Sura He also tells us to:

So race to [all that is] good. (2:143)

Being just requires being with people and making sure they have what they need. So as a Muslim you are not supposed to mind your own business but you have to identify the problems in your community and the world and work on their solutions. While doing this you are encouraged act to as a group. This way there will be baraqa abundance) in your results. The synergy of the group will produce better results than individual actions. There are many sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on this but the following short hadith explains it all:

Allah’s hand is with the jamaat (group)  [1]

Needles to say a group that’s gathered for good of the people is meant. Gulen Movement is such a group. It is  a grouip of people who sacrifices their time , energy and money to bring light to our dark world.  It is a small group but as Gulen says:

Do not underestimate a small flower pot saying “What can come out of this?”

Do not let yourself go with the flow of belittling

Do not ever say “impossible” and avoid being deceived by the hopeless

Today our world needs people who voluntarily mobilize their resources to enlighten people’s minds and hearts while easing their burden. Such a selfless group is needed to give people hope by education them, to unite their hearts by engaging in dialogue and to assist them with their needs thru relief work. When he was preaching in 1960s from mosque pulpits Gulen would encourage people not to open more mosques but schools in Turkey and all over the world to raise a generation of wealthy but socially responsible students. These generations will bring peace by ending all the conflicts. This vision of world peace realized itself in more than 100 countries with more than 1000 schools. Gulen schools do not teach religion or Islam specifically. The focus is on sciences but there are also efforts to inspire a sense of social responsibility and altruism so that they can be valuable members of their society.  Unfortunately the Muslim world lacks such a vision currently. There are Islamic groups who engages in relief work or education but most of the time their reach and focus is limited. Gulen’s embrace of universal values makes the movement’s activities very inclusive. Thus, they are welcomed by other cultures and faiths as well.

[1] Thirmidi

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