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Community and Faith Leaders’ Role in Countering Radicalization

Imam Talib Sharif – Masjid Muhammad, Washington, DC

Part-3: 1:01:30 – 1:05:35

God has shown us really how we all come here. We come here willing to obey, willing to receive love with the same nature that`s in the creation before we come. Now we are here, we are a product of the creation. The creation even in it`s produces life. So God is showing us a nature that he put in us. So this is where it starts in terms of the roots of this extremism and radicalization. We all come here in a nature of obedience. Obeying starts with our parents, we love, God puts the child right in the arms of the mother, the food is right there with the mother who wants to hold the child, right by close to the heart, this is how life is supposed to start, this loving, this caring, this concern.

So as that child begins to come into the world, upon the nature that God put in him, to be giving, to be loving, to express, to bring out the best in his life, to find his skills, to be productive, to be helpful, that`s how the children are. We see this all the time, the child comes home and they may have done something, and they are excited about it, and they want to get the mother`s attention to recognize what they have done. Maybe the mother has a company, she has TV and don`t want to be bothered right now, and the child comes, excited, and the mother say “I don`t have time right now”.

Maybe the mother might say that, maybe the father might say that, or maybe they show that, they just ignore the child. Ok, that`s one time but that`s the nature that God put in all of us, to be proud of what we do, ourselves, our life and produce things. And now the child comes back again, maybe couple of times, now we see the child go back to his room and now what the child does is that they may take the drawer out, they start throwing the clothes out of the drawer or maybe they may write and scribble on the wall. You have other times, child may be at home, this is what we call home as the “shared freedom space”, that`s in the home, because out here all of us are a part of the shared freedom space, occupied space in a particular area.

So sometimes the parent might tell the child who comes home, “don`t sit on my sofa”, “get off my sofa”, but the child in that conscience mind, think this is something for all of us but they have been denied. So all these things are beginning to set up something in the conscience mind. So now when the child begins to act out, throw things, throw tantrums. They are saying that “I tried to get your attention but you didn`t respond. So now, I am going to get your attention by violent means“. And this is how it starts, its unconscious, everything that we see happening when we see someone being extreme, when we look at the story, because someone, in the beginning, we know there was chaos and everybody wanted attention, they wanted to know, they wanted some time, they wanted to know that`s my role is in this space, so give attention to me, so once God established the order and we had peace.

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